Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Long Winded!

Yesterday was another beautiful day! Temps in the mid 50's and sunshine it is just what we needed! We rose to have our breakfast and we were off to the outdoors to accomplish something. We decided to start with the horse trailer you know the one sitting by the house with the blue tarp on it so tired of seeing this when you looked out the window.
So we pulled the tarp off and moved the trailer closer to the storage shed so we could empty its contents, took a little doing but we managed to pull it off. Then we moved the many piles of things to just one so only one tree is suffering now(joking) not three and everything is in one spot.
Tried with the 1-ton but as you see below it was muddy so had to use the tractor

It was bright!

 After getting things in order we decided to go up to our mill and try to cut some logs. This is so cool! This is my first real time in seeing this machine work. I think this is going to be addicting for the guys.

We ended the night with a bonfire and few drinks. What a beautiful evening it was too, we had a full moon or almost full.
This morning we woke to another nice day wasn't sure it wasn't going to rain as they had forecast but was hoping for the best. FIL arrived and after a cup of coffee we were off to find something to do. 
In this picture you see way in the back that pile of crap, mattresses, furniture, trash etc. this was to be our mission today!
We piled FIL flatbed trailer high with stuff and off we went to town to get rid of it! It is amazing when you move things around and get rid of other peoples trash what it does to your mind and soul!!

Upon our return we decided to see what this mill could do. We have a 28 ft 6" log that needs to be cut so FIL loaded his tractor with the log and placed it on the mill. We then proceeded with our mission. Well 28 ft is the longest log we can cut at this point. The guys will have to cut the end off to make it to length...

To say the least we are both "pooped"! After sittin around here waiting for weather to clear this was a lot to do in two days.

I don't want to forget to say "Welcome" to my new Aussie Traveler here on my blog! Hello Tania!!

I also have read another book from a blogger over at http://littlelottajoy.blogspot.com/ . She wrote "Treadwell" and it was captivating to read. Available at a lot of places including Amazon for Kindle. Great for a rainy day read!!

Ok, well I am off to entertain my husband some more with my Wiley ways. Thanks for coming over to visit!

Oh, if you are interested in my recipe today go here.


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  1. M.E.,

    Busy I see, the weather has finally decided to be nice so y'all can work outside :-)

    I would love to have a Saw Mill, or even a Band Saw to turn the tree's into usable wood to make a home. Beautiful work!!!

    1. Today is a bit cooler so we are gonna do a few things inside to make things a bit better for everybody. thanks for stoppin in Sandy.

  2. Hi there M.E. Thank you so much for the welcome :)

    Right now this very HOT Aussie wishes she was travelling. A nice bit of snow sounds fine to me. As I am typing this at 3pm it is 117F outside and still climbing. This is the worst heat I have ever experienced!!

    I look forward to having a browse around your blog :)

    1. Yikes a bit hot for me....I think the AC unit and me would be best of buddies! I get in that kind of heat and I shut down....Well I do hope you can stay cool and your vegies survive the heat. Thanks for stoppin by Tania

  3. It's super muddy here too, from all the rain and ice. I can't get up the driveway right now. We need to have a load of gravel brought in, but it's too muddy to do it!

    1. This mud I can deal with ...the last place we lived was like concrete stuck to everything and knee deep everywhere. Our drive was 8 miles long and if it had any kind of moisture Good luck trying to get in or out.
      Well hopefully at some point you can get gravel on it..summer is right around the corner. Thanks for coming over Lisa!


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