My hubby, Mtn Man, and I met in the year 2009 via MySpace page. I was at the point that some of us get to in life when you are just tired of others antics, games and run rounds and he was beyond that point. After much discussion we met in person, after three months of talking on the internet and the phone, in a neutral area in Missouri. When he first turned around to look at me he had that look of , here goes nothin'! He really wasn't sure that he wanted to meet me in the first place but decided what could it hurt. Myself , I was praying all the way there that if this was not His Will make the truck break down somehow. Flat tire, run out gas anything....and to my amazement I made it there safely. Spent three days with him and went home on a cloud.
About a month or so after this meet we decided that after $300 phone bills each we had better do something different. Heck that was my rent payment every month and his beer budget he was dipping into! LOL! So we decided that he would come down and help drive me and my livestock back up to Montana where he had lived since 1996. He had a cabin and small acreage that he owned living off grid with solar panels, composting toilet and wood stove for heat. I had never lived a life like this so it took some adjusting on my part but I would have to say that he was really surprised when I never asked to move to town.
But before we left Missouri he wanted me to meet the most important people in his life, yes, his parents. Oh my goodness was I nervous.....and I knew he was a little more serious than I thought prior. First thing his parents did before I even stepped out of my rig, was announced that the little colt in the barn was now mine. Yeah, I figured out real quick that they were giving me a "dowry" to take his "Ass" home and keep him forever! This is a running joke in the family now!

After a year of being there in Montana with Mtn Man I didn't ever want to leave. So then we decided to be right with God and get married. So happy that I did, he is the best thing on this earth that has happened to me in a very long time. My best friend for sure and a great mate to boot!

In 2011 we decided to make a change in career and sold our little cabin on the side of the hill. Moving ourselves 600 miles to SE Montana to Manage a 1500 head of cattle, 22,000 acre ranch for what turned out to be 2 yr run. Then in July of 2013, we were told that the outfit we were working for was "liquidating" so we would be out of a job and both of us prayed day after day and decided we would move closer to his folks which meant moving back to Missouri(1200 miles) intending to have our cake and eat it too, eventually by owning this piece here and one in Montana again.
Our hearts will always be with our beloved state of Montana but God put us here for a reason so we feel we need to give it our all until such time as it changes.

Tom Masterson

Mary E Masterson

POB 159
Marquand, MO 63655
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