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Finally Found Their Way To Me!

For the rest of the story... A week after my birthday i received an email from a lady who found something that she felt belonged to me. She continued in this email to tell me that she found my email addy through my website about my kids. She then said she didn't want to upset my world but she found their headstones! I WAS FLOORED!! So my hubby gets on the phone and chats with her because i was a MESS!  For those who have Not read my bio mother had kept them from me for 23 yrs!!! And apparently when she left to move yet again she left the stones behind! This lady had bought a house that she is remodeling. In her back yard she was removing a chicken run and found what she thought were paving stones and then to her surprise she found these. Sooo after digesting this news we moved to make arrangements to get them shipped back to me. They arrived today!! They are FINALLY home with me where they belong!! Thank you God!!
Will be forever grateful to this lady, you know who you are!


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