Saturday, January 11, 2014

Getting Out & Catching Up

Today the folks called and said they had "Cabin Fever" terrible bad. They needed to do something so they came out here and we all decided to take a drive. The temps were suppose to be in the mid 40's and nice!
So off we go on an adventure......we traveled south towards Piedmont, Mo passing thru Cascade, Clubb, Missionary Acres, Patterson arriving at our destination. We found a place to eat called the "Tequila" Mexican Restaurant. This was really good!! I had what's called a "Molcajete" while the others had some sort of cross between a taco salad and nachos.
This dish is yummy!! HUGE!! It comes in what looks like a lava bowl "HOT" which sits on a wooden plate. Inside this dish could have feed all four of us easily! Had strips of steak, chicken, onions, green onions, chili peppers, lots of cheese(not sure if it was true goats cheese but runny kind) grated cheese and fresh avocado with a red/orange sauce on top.

Stole picture from
 This looks similiar except that it had red/orange sauce on the top. It came with three tortillas. We are having the leftovers tonight for supper.
We then stopped over at a little thrift store and picked up an antique potato masher. This was just something to do while we let the food settle for a bit!
Then we were off to tour around to Clearwater Lake. This is a man made lake built in the early 40's intended for flood control but is now used more for recreation. It is a beautiful place!

We then headed back north thru Des Arc, Vulcan, Annapolis, Sabula, Glover arriving in Arcadia. Here there is a stop we always hit which is the beloved Gun Shop and yes, we had to bring some new toys home with us. The sun started setting to we headed back to our home thru Ironton, Mineral City, Doe Run, Farmington, Fredericktown arriving at our destination. We had fun!
One of the sites we saw on this last leg was the last of the lead mines that recently closed. It has two towers standing in the middle of nowhere jetting straight up into the sky. Interesting Reading on this mine...

It turned out to be a beautiful day the temps were up to 52*. We look to tomorrow of being about the same. Have a glorious Sunday everybody.....
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  1. Oh, what a fun day! I really enjoy your photos.

  2. It's a truly brave woman who can dive into a bowl of food that looks like that. I like my food to be individually identifiable. LOL

  3. Yes I guess for some it would be. I love food especially new dishes and this was really good. Thanks for stopping by LJ! Hope to see ya again


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