Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cedar Posts To Maple Syrup Season

 We started the day out slow.....we drove around the neighborhood checking on some property for our "prospective" cows we intend on buying in the spring. We have a lot of nice older neighbors which produced a lot of phone numbers to call.
On returning home we noticed the maple syrup operation next door was up and running. I really wanted to take a look but wanted to be invited not just drop in. So we headed back to the house to get started on our gate we wanted to put up in the drive. We logged out 3 cedar trees and used the tops of these for two posts which we did get set today.

Isn't that pretty wood??

Letting the posts set up...poured concrete dry mix in the holes so they will stay still...Monday a gate will go in.

And so it happened while setting the posts the neighbors showed up and invited us down to see their maple syrup operation. Yeah!

5 gal buckets collecting what looks like water(sap) out of the trees

They pour it into the cheesecloth material atop this 250 gal vat which us on top of a large fire pit to cook it off

Gently cooking it down until it becomes the color and thickness they are looking for

Here is some of the finished product

This jar was a little tainted from one of their filtering bags but you get the general idea. They called this a canned product. They tell me it takes 40 gals of liquid to make 1 gallon of syrup..lots of waiting and watching! Selling it for $15-$20 a quart......
 I have never seen this and to be honest had no idea that they produce that here in this state. Looks like we have a new thing to try come next winter......Mmmmm Maple Syrup produced with our own hands can't wait!

 Welcome A Lonely Heart to my page! Look forward to seeing ya more....
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  1. wow ! the maple syrup operation is totally cool. I know it takes a lot of work from the time it comes out of the tree until it is ready for consumption.

    Love the wedding photo on the side : )

  2. Thank you JUGM! Yeah seeing it was fascinating.....I am sure patience is a definite must....

  3. M.E.,

    That's going to be a nice looking gate when you get done with it.

    Oh I love to try new things, I hope your adventures with maple syrup are a success :-)


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