Friday, January 3, 2014

Taking a Tour!

"Peanut" as she is apply called is such a loyal companion to me. She has a great personality, in the mornings after her outdoor run she immediately wants back in to wake me. When she does it is a ton of love in the form of hugs and kisses galore! She rolls, plays and licks for about a half hour until I say it is "time to get up."
She is always to be right in the middle of whatever I am doing at all times. She has a bed time at about 8:30pm. She puts herself to bed most nights, sometimes she comes and gets me to put her to bed. Such a personality!!! Luv her!! And she eats cows for supper every chance she gets!!!

This is the newest picture of Tom's injuries....woke to it black and blue at his toes. Looks lots better today!
Monday MRI on his knee to see the damage......

12* this morning but not to cold for a dip! Gorgeous Morning for it!

This is what the back looks like so deck and horse shoe hangers for our hot tub needs...still lots to go but it is coming along nicely! Shorty posing for a picture on the hot tub.

Today we went on a little drive around our area to see what we see plus I needed a bit of groceries. We stopped in at the Hellebusch Mercantile in Patton, Mo 7 mi south of Hwy Junction 51 & 72. Very nice place! Kimberly offers all kinds of groceries including Schwans Ice Cream by the quart as well as trinkets and Feed & Seed for your farm.

 Next stop we made was just a couple miles back towards Patton called Highway 51 Express and to our pleasant surprise they have food to order. Had a handful of tables, restaurant style eating atmosphere in a dwindling convenience store. And the food was DELISH! We had Catfish, Cole slaw, green beans(me), fries(Mtn Man) $7.50 a plate and left with a piece of home made Apple Pecan Crumble Pie(Omgoodness).
We were absolutely stuffed! You will not walk away hungry at all!! Friendly People to boot!

Picked up some groceries at our local market on the way home. This market caters to a population of 203 and seem to do a fair business. Mr. Moore tells me that they have been in the area as a grocer for 30 some years. Nice People Too!

Well off to take a dip! Looks like our weather is changing drastically again! It is suppose to dip down below the 0 mark into next week. Starting tomorrow we look for 6-12" of snow to fall here. Good thing I went grocery store!

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  1. Looks like you guys have everything you need! Sounds like a nice little town near you. Enjoy the hot tub and stay warm!

  2. Sounds like a nice day out. Stocked up again for the next wave of this insane cold.

    Stay warm.

    1. It was nice! Stay warm yourself Gail as we will...there is a party of people to help get the wood in tomorrow as Mtn Man is injured and so grateful we are.....

  3. I am finally back from our country estate and back to internet and making my way around the blogs. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    The porch and house looks awesome. My neighbors were out in their hot tub last night and you could see the steam rising as well. It has finally turned cold here, even by Florida standards, lows in the 20s. But nothing like what you guys are having or the rest of the country.

  4. Welcome back JUGM! That is a bit chilly for florida, makes me wonder how the citrus crops will do?

  5. M.E.,
    Your Peanut, sounds like my Beans!!! He just loves giving love for a period of time, then it's up and at em........
    Dogs are just great buddies!!!

    I pray Tom's knee, leg, and foot are going to be okay come Monday.
    Tell him to take it easy till then.

    It's a good thing you've prepared for this extreme weather.

    We used to have a hot tub years ago, it sure makes a difference when you have arthritis. Enjoy your dip!!!!!

    Stay warm and safe with this weather.

    1. Thank you Sandy! We are really hoping after all this that the weather doesn't keep us from getting the MRI.


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