Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hot Cocoa Mix From Scratch

Woops to many buttons......Today's Blog

Anyhow if you find yourself without hot chocolate mix for the kids or yourself  here is an easy mix to fix that outage.

Cocoa, Creamer(Plain)

take about 2 oz of this 8 oz container add about 2 cups of creamer
2/3 cups of splenda or sugar

mix real well.....sometimes you have to add more creamer to get the right color

Then add it to a storage container of your choice.

I learned about this from my bio mother and still use it today. I have difficulty finding inexpensive sugar free cocoa mix so I decided I could make it myself. I think it tastes better anyhow and the cost....well a creamer of that size which will make approx 3 batches is about 7 bucks and the cocoa which will make about 4 batches cost me 2 bucks. A box of sugar free cocoa is about 5 bucks and it has 8-10 packets in it!
This saves me a bundle in hot cocoa mix!!!

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