Thursday, April 10, 2014

Barbeque, Family & Roasted Chili Peppers

Went with Mtn Man for his therapy session and we went to that store I can't stand that starts with a W and found a grill that we couldn't live without. The other that was given to us is plain wore out. Cheaper to buy a new one than get replacement parts, I checked!
Came home and got to work finding cedar trees for posts, drilled a few gate holes, planted more daffodils....then the folks (In laws) showed up to get some creek gravel for a project they are doing at their house. We ended up getting into that BBQ grill because it came in a box. Oh, boy did they have fun! I went in the house and started to make up some supper for everybody as this would take awhile to put together. About the time I had the pork steaks, chicken grilled up and salad made up they were done.  We all ate then  they went home and it was time to relax but not before I grilled up about 25 green chili peppers I picked up at the store the other day. Bargain Shopping-6-8 to a bag for 99 cents!
Now mind ya, I have never done this before. So I went on the hunt on the internet and found Pioneer Woman had a great page on how they should be done. So Easy Really! Wash them first, throw on the grill until they are black, then put them in a gallon bag for about 20 mins and peel. Eat them, freeze them or whatever you want to do with them. 


 Do hope tomorrow we get the fence set......ok, tuckered to ya tomorrow!

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  1. The peppers look so friggin good. I've got try your method.

    1. It worked really well! they just peeled off! Look forward to using them in my meals!

  2. Aren't grilled peppers the best! I grow pounds and pounds of peppers every year, grill them and then can them...YUMMY!

  3. M.E.,

    Be careful sweetie, you may go to find those peppers and realize someone came in and stole them ;-)

    Green chile peppers are a staple in our home. When we go back to New Mexico we usually get large bags full of peppers to last a couple of months. We roast them, freeze them, and love every bit of them.


    1. Oh, I forgot to say.......congrats on the new BBQ!

  4. Mr. Ken would love those peppers!

    M : )


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