Sunday, April 13, 2014

Poor Man's Pie

 I like this dish when I want to do something filling but easy! This is also one I use for a refrigerator clean out...using one's imagination!

In a 9x13 pan layer these in order of the list
2 Cans of Corn or Green Beans or Veg-All- DRAIN ONE CAN OF LIQUID
2 Cans of tomato soup or something creamy (DO NOT ADD WATER TO SOUP)
1 lb. of ground meat or shredded meat-cooked & seasoned (Options: Add onions, mushrooms, green pepper)
 Mashed Potatoes-Instant works or you can make from scratch...I make enough for
4-6 people then Spread on top
 Bake in a 375* oven for 25 mins-then add cheese on top cook for another 5 mins
Forgot to take picture so had to peel back meat and I drained off a bit of the liquid you see here figured it was to much

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