Friday, February 27, 2015

Out With It

This morning Mtn Man mentioned that he would like to get that locust tree in the front yard out of the way while the ground is frozen so we don't make ruts with the tractor. Okie Dokie after a quick run into town to turn in our contract bids we did just that! By the by we should here by the 9th whether we got the bid or not....praying we do.
Mtn Man fell the tree and then took the tractor to clean up the mess. It turned out to be a 58 yr old tree no wonder it was falling apart a piece at a time. Me, well not really anything to do but be there in case something happened. We like to be each others support when doing these big projects just in case!
Pics of the project....

I did get a little excitement today. I noticed Snickers the goat has made a bag!! Wippee!!
While we were in town we picked up another lick tub for them. Boy howdy when they figured out that it was good they went to town on it! Took the two of them awhile to get through that bucket. Totally worth it!
They both were watching Mtn Man from afar.....

Little Man
Have a great weekend everybody!!

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