Thursday, February 26, 2015

Running The Drive

We still have snow. In fact, it has been snow flurries all day. Nothin' stickin' around but here nonetheless.
It was cold last night and first thing I hear this morning is that dang goat, Snickers. Maw Maw come give me grain Maw Maw. I had coffee first maybe two cups then went out to do my chores. I think she may go down the road after she has her babies and they are weined. I just about can't stand that cryin' in our little Serenity Valley. If momma (me) is upset the whole valley is upset!
I had to laugh at myself cuz it reminded me of a post I read the other day on Krazo Acres about her goats screamin too! I laughed and laughed at that post.... Can you see it? I can cuz it happens here regular like! LOL! Even caught Mtn Man yellin back at her to shut up. Gets under ones skin and makes you cringe like nails on a chalkboard!
I can't fix it and can't ignore it....makes my ears hurt!
Anyhow enuf of that.....
Today we went and checked out a couple of Conservation Mow Jobs that are up for bid. Looks like something I could tackle so I will be putting my two cents in and see if maybe they will say yes! 6 months of mowing every Friday, cleaning privies and pickin' up trash! About 12 hrs of work in one day... I figure for all three areas. Not bad really! Plus looks like some new fishin' spots!
When we get home and the dogs are with us we usually set them out to let them run the mile home.
Peanut and Annie love it!

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