Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Days Of February

Still boggles my brain that we are in the year 2015. I know, right? Crazy. 


Today we are concentrating on getting the critters a bit more set up to withstand the cold we are experiencing and the 9" of snow we received.  We were into the single digits last night...neighbor mentioned 3*. We are not sure how low but it is suppose to be colder tonite. Like in the (-) category! I do hope my critters stay warm enough. The Chickens are screaming about the weather...taking turns screaming at the door about not able to go out by their choice. A few have ventured out but return to the indoors quickly. A few of the girls have tried flying out in it only to get stuck and be rescued by their human, ME! Have to check on them regularly to make sure they are not chicycles!
I have a warming light inside to keep them warm, so far it is working. Have to bring their water in to defrost. Can't seem to keep it warm enough. I have the water directly under the light but water is water and it is freezing! The up side to all this is the girls are still laying like any other day....so must be doing something right!
  The goats are not venturing far from their barn either. I think they like it in there. I have built it up with straw and the bales of hay Mtn Man has stuck in there is helping them out too. They are a bit spoiled, really. I love my goats! Can you see that purple thing in the doorway...that my friends is a life saver for my goats. It has minerals in it and molasses. A lick bucket is what they call it. We used these in Montana but they were in metal tubs. Great for energy and their overall general health. Used these tubs for the cattle too all winter long! It helped them to keep warm! It took them a bit to get used to it but they have no worries now! This bucket has lasted about 2 months so far for two goats. They have about a quarter of a bucket to go. I also grain them when it is cold out once a day with a good high protein grain. With the bucket they really don't need the grain everyday. Can over do it with goats! They have hay in front of them constantly! When it is this cold will bring them warm water to drink once a day....most times goats and sheep will eat snow, in fact in our experience it is preferred to water. Don't know why but it is! Watched it with my own eyes in Montana. Crazy!
While we are house bound somewhat we have been keeping our minds and hands busy.
Mtn Man made these Kootenai Style Pucker Toe Moccasins

 I think he did a wonderful job! The last thing he wants to do to them is smoke and grease them. Will try to remember to get pics when he does that...pretty cool process!

My project is a beaded bracelet with the 3 sun phases symbols
Working on another on this same string...hate to waste!
Wood has been gathered
Snow has been shoveled, where necessary of course
Dogs have been walked

Critters all bundled in their sheds.
While we wait for another storm to move on through. We stay nestled in our crooked little house feeding the fire to keep us warm.

Have a great day wherever you are.
And remember God Is Always At Your Side! 

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