Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Monday

Are you singing the tune? I seem to always have trouble finding a title for my blog posts, do you have this issue? Well a lot of the time my titles I want to put up come out of songs I have in my head...but that is a whole nother subject!
Ok I promised ya more pics of the barn demolition...Are ya gettin tired of seein this? I hope not cuz here is some more.....take it away Alex for 2000...
We started the day finishing up what we didn't the last time. Misc. boards with nails in them, rotten beams layin there and a pile of old hay, sheetrock and rotten boards. Then we moved onto the task of taking down the log structure. Mtn Man really wanted to be careful in this process. He was and had been thinking hard on how to do this gracefully without destroying them. For goodness sake we are handling 170 year old logs to our best guess anyhow with a small tractor and a few tools. After much discussion we decided we needed to find our big rope to attach to the logs and we will have to pull them down letting them fall on their own. Hated to do it but really had no other way with the equipment we own. We went back to the house and dug a little bit finding the big rope (big around 2" and about 50 feet long or longer). 
We went back to the site and proceeded forward. I lifted him up on the tractor and he reached around the unstable logs with the rope tying it off. Let him back down and he tied the rope to tractor. Backed er up and BAM when it hit the ground. Time after time same thing!
We got halfway done on the barn...the inside wall is falling in with every pull of the outside walls on top of the roof that fell years ago. Will be a clean up for sure when we get the rest of the logs down but it will be done. Hope to finish this project (weather pending) this week, definitely this month!! LOL! Busy Busy between the shop and this barn.


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