Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hunkerin' Down

It is in the minus temps, -2* so far. Other temps we have heard south of us -18*. Wind chill warnings of awful cold temperatures, -15* plus. Mtn Man will be sticking close to keep the fire fed to keep the house warm, or as warm as one can get in a drafty house. The temp in here, we figure is in the fifties. Yes, we dress for our house. Warm thick socks, slippers (ice cold floors) and long sleeve thick shirts. Wrap up in warm blankets cuz can't do much else but sew projects. Have electric heaters in the bedroom and laundry room to keep things warm. It is working hard to keep them warm......
Not looking for sympathy. I am writing it all down to look back on in the future. Helps with the appreciation scale! Also helps with the memory bank...look back on what we get accomplished!
Beaded another project
will attach this to soft leather for a bracelet to sell.

Keep warm folks!

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