Wednesday, February 4, 2015

35th Day Of The Year

LOL! Again with the title......

Yesterday our help arrived to get the trusses up. There was a bunch of small stuff that the two of them could accomplish without any other help. Like siding the end caps, applying plastic to the end caps and lining them up to lift. I went to check on them a few times making myself available for any assistance that I could be and found them lifting one of the end caps up to put into place for its overnight stay. Today these end caps will be lifted into place and stabilized. 

I found that they had made what they are calling a "redneck forklift" to help with the process. Today I will actually get to see how it works. I missed the first use.....I was making supper (Mary's Lasagna)!

 In preparation for his arrival I cleaned out the laundry/sewing room. I essentially rearranged it and added a cot. Plus a lamp for his lighting needs. It not much but it is something.

Today it looks like they are going to try to get a few more up..... 

Update: They got the end caps up and stabilized while I was writing this one. 

Will share on this hectic process tomorrow! Yeah!!

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