Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just Pictures.....

Copyright © 2014 M.E. Masterson All Photographs Copyright © 2014 M.E. Masterson


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    1. Thank you Gail! I was hoping to cheer some folks up today.....

  2. M.E.,

    Nice pictures, thank you for sharing. You have your seeds planted and the seedlings look good. How's your husband recovering?

    1. Yes thank you they are...I have them sitting around the heater since this house is so cold. This has been the most successful so far. Growing tomatoes has been difficult in years past always had to buy them but not this year I hope they are growing real well do hope they make it for planting.
      Hubby is doing well as expected trying to tie down Mario Andretti but he is doing alright...appt for check up is Friday so maybe he can do a little more after that...hopefully they will get him into therapy shortly.....


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