Friday, October 31, 2014


Mtn Man humor strikes again!
When you drive up to our place you see this....
instead of Stonehenge it is a Woodhenge.
Caught these guys and gals headed south yesterday.....
And it is official we had our first killing frost on Wed night. The temps are suppose to drop down into the twenties tonite. We are prepared...wood is loaded into the house for our warm night.

Last but not least by any measure, today is our 1 yr anniversary away from the ranch job in Montana. There's are a lot of the job that we miss, mostly the cattle but there are a lot of the job that we do not miss nor want to repeat ever again!!
We left on Halloween night so exhausted. So much negative in the place and the situation. For example we rented a uhaul trailer to pack whatever we had left in the house,, you know the odds and ends. We were not going to leave anything behind if we could help it. Moving 1200 miles was already an expense all by itself! Anyhow, the trailer lights decided not to work. We left with determination and when we hit the main road the lights came back on mysteriously and never had a problem with them again. We didn't get out of the vehicle at any time on our way out to fix them just figured we needed to get out of the black hole and maybe they would come back on. They did! 
It is amazing what a year makes a difference in some ones thinking......we don't ever have to go back to that place or situation ever again!!
Hope you have a great weekend wherever you are in this world. 
May God Bless You In Everything You Do!

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