Saturday, October 11, 2014

Goat Pen Updates

They are so much happier!!!
That makes four of us....
We got up this morning, hopped into the hot tub and then had a bite to eat. Headed off to work the goat pen. I put the boards from the mill up on the shed(have to have more to finish) and Mtn Man worked on getting the posts in the ground. After I had the boards up went over to help him finish up on his end. Then we added a couple tarps to the roof just temporary. We have tin over at his folks to add to the roof and again more boards are needed. Need to get the mill going for that...
All the while it rained on us but we were not gonna let that stop us! I turned on the boombox(yes I am showing my age) with Joyce Meyer blaring to keep us motivated. We had a great time! And we always work well together... WE ROCK!!!

will keep ya posted! 

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