Saturday, October 4, 2014


 FIL stayed with us for couple days to help on the shop project, brush hoggin' and wood pile. Thanks Dad!

I haven't shared the chickens (Shickies) in awhile...they have grown into beautiful birds. Hope to see eggs soon!

Aren't they great?

Update on Walt Lore (Afflicted Cowboys)
He is at home resting up for his coming time for Chemo/Radiation treatments.

Keep sayin' your prayers for us all......
Wash your hands regularly throughout the day.
Be wary of shaking hands with others especially with those you know are sick.
Just use common sense people ...if you are sick take care of yourself, please don't share with the rest of us!
This Ebola scare is coming our way, learn about it, learn how to prepare for it's vengeance. 
I am outta here......Have a great weekend!

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