Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Big Thank You

Hello Everybody,

I do mean everybody...isn't blogging great? Some days I am in awe of how many of you come to see my little ol'  blog page and other times I wonder what in the world attracts so many people to my blog? Just Amazin'! I do have to credit "The Man Upstairs", he has a way with people doesn't he?
Today I was looking through all my stats like I do everyday and found my regulars have been here everyday. Thank you! Found some new ones who have popped in for a peek. I got to thinkin' bout how some of you are getting here and thought maybe you would like to know an easier way to come directly.... if you choose:

#1-Suscribe to this blog (link up above)
#2-Save in your Bookmarks (corner of your webpage)
#3- Find us on Facebook 

Anyhow, I am so grateful to you all for joining me everyday. Would like to hear more about you though. I go to a lot of blogs out there but there are quite a few of you who are not bloggers and would love to hear from ya even if you are international! I can use google translate to read your letters.
If there is any questions on something you have seen or something maybe I mentioned once that you haven't seen in awhile and want to me (address below).
Well I am off to go help build the goat shed......see ya tomorrow!!! 

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