Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Food A Plenty
I have personally participated in the bountiful baskets coop when I lived in Montana. It was great! For $15 I got a basketful of fruits and veggies much like that one you see in the picture. Twice a month I could participate in this program. Now I have plenty from my garden although I would enjoy the fruit. I now just donate to the cause to feed others who may need it. This is a great way to donate...... there are many states who participate in this program. If interested go to the link above....

The other link is for the St.Louis and surrounding areas so I have participated in it for our area. Cost is about $25 for a basketful too! 

I love feeding people and found this is a great way to do that.....
Check it out!!!

If neither of these work for you ....check out places close to you one never knows until they look! 

UPDATE: If you donate don't be surprised to get a call from the leader, kindly explain to them that you are donating. They will then ask you to email them when you donate each week so they know to donate basket. Apparently the note you send along with the donation online does not get to the leaders. Thought maybe you would appreciate a heads up!

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