Friday, October 10, 2014

Rainy Day

I honestly, cannot tell you how much rain we have had overnight. It is still raining. Not complaining in the least cuz this will give me opportunity to catch up on some much needed reading. Maybe I will read while on the eliptical...hmmm. 
While browsing around I found this link interesting.

Then I read our local newspaper and what did I see a SALE!!! Oh my goodness! I love the buy one get one free deals!!
So off we went to town.....
Cream Soups 10/$10 bucks I thought was a good deal but I looked to my right and the off brand which is probably the same dang soup anyway was .31 cents cheaper so I bought them instead. Yellow label versus read label well who cares saving money is my game. Then coffee they had a buy one (off brand) get one free deal...well in this house we do like our coffee and I have to tell ya I come from country that knows their coffees but when it comes to saving money I am not gonna let my pride get in the way......$6.99 coffee. Had to get a "raincheck" (get it, it's raining, LOL) for the coffee. Also had to get a raincheck  on the flaked potatoes Idaho potatoes in a box 10/$10 a deal I think. 
I like to take advantage of these kinds of deals...putting stuff back for those cold winter days and long winters. Spent about $130-$140 a savings we figure of $50-60 bucks on this run.....

 We went by the grain store for more feed for chickens and some new feed for the goats...need something to help warm them up with the cold nights approaching. Met some other goat owners so maybe I can get mine some pals and maybe a new lover...woo woo!
Speaking of goats.....the lumber has been cut for the sides of the building and the fencing and gate have been bought to finish the pen. If it wasn't pouring today we would be out gettin er dun! Will keep ya updated...

The "girls"(chickies) love their new took them a bit to get used to. Don't know if you know this about chickens but they do not appreciate change, not one little bit. They are all about routine no wavering! I added the boxes and a piece of plywood in there hen house and they almost didn't go to bed the other night. Had to go out and sweet talk them a bit to go in. You see I took out one of the roosting poles too. I didn't see the need to have it in there for just one hen. They all seemed to have figured it out but it was quite comical to watch them push each other off the other two poles fighting for position. They have also figured out what those boxes are for.....they have left eggs in there for me now. Hopefully the others will figure it out and quite leaving them on the floor......
I did buy some pine pellets today. I love those put the whole bag in and they scatter them. When the pellets get wet, they swell and dry. Looks like sawdust when they are done. Then when I clean it out it breaks down even more on the outside which they use for their dust bathes. It really is kind of cool!

Well we had plans for the weekend but if the rain sticks in looks like we will be doing something else.....Have a great weekend everybody!!

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