Thursday, October 2, 2014


Last year at this time, Mtn Man, FIL and I were tearing our guts out trying to get things to move forward. But as usual the "Man Upstairs" had other plans for us all!

First let me lay the story out so you can follow my train of thinking. We were informed in late summer that the lease was done on the place we working at. Mtn Man and I had put in over two years into this job life we agonized over in the first place. We were vested not only in the cattle but in our life as Ranch Managers. At the start we were put in charge of  400 head of cattle on a daily basis which was built into 1500 by the end of things. It was STRESSFUL a lot of the time but at that time we just took what came and dealt with it, with what we had (not enough help most of the time or lousy help). Mtn Man put up with A LOT!!!

By the time we were to ship the cattle, things got delayed by weather over and over and over again. We were so tired and physically sick to our stomachs by this time we wanted to leave at any given time. But we gave our word and that means more to us than anything.

Here are some links to our journey last year......

I have to say we never have to go back to that situation ever again and we are just plum happy about that. We will do it for ourselves this time(not as many cattle) and it seems the "Man Upstairs" is setting it up for us nicely!

Thank you God!!

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