Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Sun Rises The Sun Sets

Beautiful Sunrise in Our Little Valley.

I have discovered some new music that I want to share...gorgeous!!!  *Note I am not receiving payment for this advertisement from anyone..*

Today I am thinking of my good friend, Linda. I love her like a mother and am so heartbroken to hear that she is losing her battle with cancer. I am feeling a bit sullen today and pray she has a safe journey to the other side while not in pain on this side. I love ya Momma Linda! 
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  1. Loved the music. How unusual.
    Am so sorry about your friend. Praying for pain free peace for her and strength for you.

    1. Thank you Vicki.....I hope the same for her as well.

  2. Interesting video on music, I really liked it.

    Sending prayers to you and Momma Linda. May Momma Linda be pain free, and with peace through her journey.

    1. Thank you Sandy! I appreciate all the thoughts....and prayers!


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