Friday, December 13, 2013

Early Christmas Present

My thoughtful husband bought me a new camera-Canon Powershot SX50 for Christmas. And no I could not wait until Christmas to open it. Hard to surprise me really although he has managed to do that a couple of times I have to say. My other camera-Kodak EasyShare ZD710 10X has been a great camera but it is pooped. It has started acting up doing things like when shut off it stays on then when you turn it on it shuts off. Have to remove the batteries to reset it's brain. Lens is scratched in one spot. And sucks on batteries(AA) so much that every 20 pictures I have to add new batteries. Thought about taking stock out in the battery company but thought it might be cheaper to buy a camera instead.
Thank you hubby!!

Weather today is dreary....icy, sleet and some mixed snow. Hubby was trying to finish the deck but not in this slick stuff. So maybe in couple days.........The Devil is working hard against this positive in our lives. At least that is what it feels like....we have had bad weather since we bought this hot tub, which if you don't know will be so helpful in our health so we feel tons better in physical and mind. When it started getting really cold we strung out the extension cords to the hot tub that is setting to the side to set a lamp in it to stay warm so the pipes don't freeze. Couple days later, we find the cords separated, unplugged from each other and not just a few inches but about a foot from each other. Things froze hard around here that it was dangerous to walk around on the ground. Hopefully it didn't get damaged! The cold water pipe in the kitchen is frozen, still!

I have been reading blogs like I do everyday and have been reading Mystic Mud . Warning**It is heartbreaking**
We went to our little market here in town and bought the goodies I didn't have for this recipe for Christmas Bark on this blog-Ozark Mountain Family Homestead .
I will post my results when I get it done.
Update Here

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  1. What a terrific Christmas gift!! I have enjoyed the photos that you post, taken with your old camera, so I know the new one will be put to good use.
    Hope the weather turns warmer for you so you can get your hot tub installed. As one who has fought with arthritis for more years than I care to think about, I understand how helpful a hot tub would be. Seems like whenever we try to do a good thing, the Devil is right there to throw a monkey wrench into the works. The best thing is that he won't win.

    1. Hubby is going like gang busters today to get it done...the weather is breaking for a hope that we can get the hot tube filled tonite so tomorrow we can soak!!
      And no the Devil will not win!! He just likes to pro long our projects is all...

  2. Ooooo, enjoy your new toy! What a thoughtful hubby.

    M :)

    1. Yes Yes he is....of course he asked me what one I would like but I loved that he thought enough to ask me what it was I my hubby wouldn't trade him for nobody! Have a great day Melinda!


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