Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekend Out!

Saturday night we decided after finishing the deck for the most part that we deserved to go out and have a bit of fun so we headed to the local Winery & Bistro.  Durso Hills Winery & Bistro
Quaint little place in the town of Marquand. The actual winery is on the hills to the east of the town and the hangout is in the historic Homan Hall.
We had supper and couple drinks which was good. If you are expecting a California Winery experience just tone it down a bit this is Missouri. They had a female singer up in the front of the hall playing for the supper crowd. Very nice place to just hangout! Did find out however that the cook that owned the Hideaway a few years back is now cooking for the Winery. Funny how things are...
If you find yourself touring the wineries of Missouri...have to stop in at this one......

Sunday we hit another winery over East of us called the River Ridge Winery in Commerce, Mo. We had fun here! FIL, MIL & AIL, Mtn man and myself went over in the afternoon first stopping at what they call the "Yule Log Cabin". Borrowed a video off YouTube to give ya idea of what it is like...they had 130+ trees decorated here.
After we gathered a few goodies from here we went down the road about 4 miles to the Winery. Tasted a few wines bought some more goodies and of course, everybody bought at least one bottle and off we went. They do have a cafe but we were still stuffed from lunch that the folks made for us before we left.
If you find yourself over in this country.....stop in here too!

Every year the folks take a tour of the lights especially the "Dancing House"(as we call it) in Scott City, Mo. This has become such a large attraction that they start it around the first of Dec. It is actually called The Clark Family Christmas Light Show it is so awesome! They do take donations for the St. Jude Children's Hospital and from what we understand they raise a substantial amount every year. This is the best thing I like about Christmas...look forward to it every time!! Here is an example: Amazing Grace

Ok folks...this girl is hittin the hay...Hot Tub is heatin up so maybe a morning dip will happen!!
Nite Nite

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