Wednesday, December 4, 2013


So we have made progress on the deck. The day started out with hubby having to go get more supplies which was a three hour tour then on his return we started with the tedious tasks of leveling out the frame by the time we finished the exterior frame his dad showed up to help! Thank you Jesus!

They got a lot of work done in a short period of time....tomorrow hopefully we can get the rest done before the winter weather sets in on us.
We went to Huff's Cafe in Patton again and they have the BEST BURGERS!!! It cost us a whole $21 and some change for 4 of us to eat burgers, fries and a refillable drink. The burgers were hand made and we all had something different. Filling is all I can say, Filling!!
FIL brought oak over that he had from his house...even tho' we have tons of woods I guess he didn't want us to have to worry about gathering any after working on the deck. He really does take good care of us! This should get us thru this storm....Thanks Dad! Ps. Mom helped unload it from the truck while I carried it into the house...Thanks Mom!
Those of you affected by these storms stay safe and warm! Be sure to think of others who may not have that same luxury and be sure to help in any way you can.

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  1. Mary, thanks for visiting my blog! I plan to come back and visit yours often. Your lifestyle is so similar to how Bob and I have lived for the past 33 years. In the last couple of years we got a manufactured home with propane heat, but before that we had a woodstove and hauled wood. Enjoyed it so much, but it got to be too much for Bob. Hugs to you! My Bob and your little angels may have met in Heaven already!


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