Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter Walk

What a  beautiful walk(2 miles) we had, although I figured out exactly how out of shape I really am it still was beautiful. And the two dogs had a blast!!

The snow is still coming down and there is a little breeze and everything is coated in this beautiful white fluff!
We feel really blessed to be where we are and find this peace in a very populated state. I thought you could only find this living up in the Big Sky Country.
Have a great day everybody! Gonna curl up with my hubby and watch some movies.....

Copyright © 2013 M.E. Masterson All Photographs Copyright © 2013 M.E. Masterson


  1. What absolutely beautiful scenes. The creek in the snow is breathtaking. Enjoy your day of snuggles and movies. I am spending mine with hot chocolate and a good book!

    1. Thanks Vicki I chocolate with a little something in it maybe for me.....still watching movies.....

  2. Beautiful pictures! Yep, that's what we had yesterday and today. More snow to come :P

    Stay warm, snuggle up to your husband and enjoy some good movies.


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