Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Change In The Air

 Good Morning Folks,

I am not sure what the weather is like where you are but here this morning it is cold again! 38* and the wind is blowing. Usually means we have a weather front coming. Looking over the weather yesterday they are calling for severe thunderstorms which may or may not include tornado's. You guessed it, we are in the "season" once again. I did see one meteorologist who proclaimed that there has not been one tornado in the whole united states in the month of March thus far. Which is a rarity! He said he had never seen it.....let's hope this isn't the storm that makes up for the lack of tornadoes. 


Mtn Man has an interview (2 day if everything goes right) come Thursday. We have been praying and praying....all together now everybody say a little one for us please. This new job would bring big changes for the two of us but it would also bring income to pay everything off including the house mortgage. Our businesses we have started, quite a few, just haven't got the calls like we thought maybe we would. Guessing people are having financial difficulties. Or it isn't what God wants us to be doing. It is frustrating to try and read God's mind sometimes. LOL! We put our efforts and money out there to start up what we think is the right thing then BAM no results. Try, Try again with no results or sometimes just a tease which fails. So for now we move on to an outside income until something different happens. God has blessed us thus far and we are extremely grateful!


Yesterday, it was a beautiful sunshine day! We are at a standstill on the farm for many different reasons so we decided to head over to the neighbors place. We took the tractor and some tools to finish destructing the barn ( for those of you who are new...catch up here-3 previous posts). And after a longgg day it is finished. At the very end of the day while he was piling the last of the guke, he stops the tractor and runs around to the front tires to find he had an air leak. Yes, he caught a nail in the tractor tire! He tells me that he can fix it fairly simply but still an air hole is never good in a tractor tire! He limped it home. Thank goodness we were done anyhow.....so that project is complete as far as we are concerned. Here is some pics from yesterday.....

When we arrived home yesterday there were three deer in the back field....so I grabbed the camera.....
the other two ran off....snickers in the fore front still prego..little man was runnin' aroun' the pen havin' fun!

Have a great day everybody!

 Love hearing from ya!

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  2. Hi M.E! Thanks for the update and the prayer request. I will keep you two in mind. I look forward to new of your new goat kids when they arrive. Blessings!


  3. My goodness anonymous...not sure where that is coming from but ok.

    Thanks for stoppin by Frank and Fern and the prayers!


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