Monday, March 2, 2015

America Greatest Country?

I rarely talk about any sort of politics or opinions about our gov't but this video stirred me up.

I found this clip via facebook and so wanted to have the video on here but blogger is not recognizing the address for whatever reason. So I have put a link on here and if that doesn't work...Go to 

then type this in the search bar 

The Newsroom "America is not the greatest country in the world anymore" 2012 TV series

In this video move the little video button to about 3:50 and watch until 8:00 minutes....this was really good!
The Newsroom

I just have to say this....our country has become a great disappointment to most Americans. We "hire" officials to protect our country, to protect her people and govern her properties. Our Constitution was put in place to protect us from things like are happening today. I would and could imagine our first president who was highly respected, George Washington, is probably rolling in his grave. Watching our country fall a bit at a time in what he worked so hard to build so long ago. To watch as our God is being crushed, stomped, and disrespected at every turn. To watch His people be killed because they believe in Him. I learned this little tidbit some time back, Did you know when GW was forming the government and finding the right men for the job, He prayed about it? Before they had any sort of session they would pray? On his inauguration day along with members of congress went down to St.Paul's Church to pray? Dare I say, even GW knew that God was the only way!
 We, who have read the bible, His Word, know that this is prophecy and these things have to take place before He can stand by His Word and return.
I personally never imagined in all the years of study that we would see a Muslim in the presidency seat. I personally never would have imagined that this president would have spent an ungodly amount of monies (7 trillion in debt when he started now are somewhere around or over 18 trillion) on wasted time. He isn't governing the property or protecting the people as most see. He is trying really hard and in most cases succeeding, to suppress the people. Making sheep out of the people. GW if you could see us now! I bet you never dreamed that this would happen to our country. 
When God is taken out of the equitation this is what happens. People will always be people but God never fails! When you include Him you will be and we were once upon a time, the most powerful! 

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