4 Sleeps until Christmas!

Here it is 4 days until Christmas! We received a few gifts today from a friend to put under our tree, which by the way are the first to be under our charlie brown leaning tree! Funny story about our tree, as you may remember we went out and found our tree rather quickly and then in a matter of 15 min had our tree decorated.....yes I hear you laughing , really you should see the tree it is quite hilarious! That evening we went over to a friends house to see the progress on his barn and returned to find the tree fell over! No wonder, we put the tree in loose sandy dirt we dug out of the snow in a rubber bucket and left. Laugh was on us! So now we have it wired to the wall and it has a slight lean to the right.......starts sounding like a Chevy Chase Christmas!

Notice we took great care in mixing up the lights!!!! Incidentally we have had hung the two stockings up behind the stove and today it was suggested I move the large stocking as the things inside might melt! Someone put lots of goodies in my stocking......luv this!! So they now reside above the christmas tree until christmas day!
Worked up another quilt this one was a twin. It was meant to be a lap quilt but this is a big guy and he was needing something warm to get under as he lives in a small travel trailer and gets cold real fast. So that will be delivered tomorrow. Starting a baby quilt tomorrow, more for the crib than anything and lastly another large lap quilt sssshhhhh for my hubby for christmas! It seems I have made lots of others for people but not for my hubby, I think he will like it tons!

On the homefront, I did laundry today, it was sunshinin' so I took advantage of that! The process ,yes ,process  to doing laundry is to some degree quite involved. I first have to make sure there is water in the holding tank, if not then pump water until it is completely full. I can get two loads and couple showers and a load of dishes out of a tank. Then the dryer, turn on the gas on the little tank to dry the clothes. If there is not enough power, start the generator which lasts for four hours. Today I did 4 loads of laundry and baked a loaf of bread and vacuumed the entire cabin while the generator was running so as not to run the battery bank dry. The whole idea is use what you got while you got it!
We got more snow last night about 4 inches worth. So the snow is building up in the driveway which makes it interesting for the subaru. Low clearance on the little bugger leaves tracks in the middle of the tracks. We really need it plowed but it probably won't happen as we don't have a plow. Hope to next year!!
Gotta go it is getting late.......until next time!


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