Power Outage

Well this day is starting out right! Postive attitude goes a long way huh.... Checking things out on this here computer and again the power is out...mind you we have solar power and now I have to go out and start the generator so we have power again. Could use couple days of sun to restore everything but alas it is winter and the back up's are needed more often than not. Like I always say "It's camping but not!".
Yesterday I finished the top for a King Quilt in colors of Blue. It still amazes me how these quilts come out the way they do. I go into them with no pattern in mind and out they come with there own style in the end. This one will be heading for Vancouver, Wa early next week! 
Be Right Back (BRB) have to go start that generator.....listen to the music while you wait................nothin' like gettin' ur heart pumpin' so early in the morn'......
It is really interesting to find out what uses more power. For instance a cellphone charger can drain the batteries overnight all by itself! The bread maker is best to use when generator is going , or otherwise it drains the batteries within the hour! Early on Tom changed the bulbs in the house to those curly cue ones you know the ones that are energy efficient and in the time since I have been here never had to replace a bulb yet...since July of '09. It is Amazing when you think about it.
My life here is different than most but tons better than others. We have different things to worry about unlike some who worry about how their going to pay for that new car they bought or pay the mortgage or come up with money to pay the min of their credit card. Here we worry about how much wood do we have , the percentage of propane gas, gasoline for the generators and car, is everything staying thawed out, any leaks anywhere air or water, and how much water is in the holding tank(daily). The simple life as some call it is really so much better!



  1. what a beautiful quilt,I love the colors.
    One of my friend's lives up in Washington state,she tells me 2 weeks ago she could not even go to work for the entire week because of all the snow.She even had to bring her little goat,who is pregnant,into her bathroom for the night cause it was just to old for her.

  2. my nephew and his wife live up in Vermont,they use solar panels and batteries up there they call it being off the grid.

  3. Linda I sure appreciate the comments and yes we live off grid as well.
    I make quilts and sell them on my website....beavertailtradingpost.com... just copy and paste this and insert in your address bar and click enter. Thanks again!


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