So Tired!

Today I had a heck of a time waking up and around here it seem to be the theme of the day! After rising at 9:30am I decided I better take my vitamins so maybe I could feel human. Let them take affect , talked to a friend or two and on to the rest of the day I went. I wanted to finish the King Quilt I have been working on so I could send it and it arrive in WA state before the Christmas mail rush! I did just that and it is washed and ready for shipping.......came out lovely!

Last night we were again invited to the neighbors for dinner. At first I declined due to finishing the quilt but after about an hour and talking with my hubby we decided to take the offer. Her hubby wasn't home and she was having the missionaries over for a meal and custom is that they aren't allowed to be in the home without another male figure in the home. So we filled the spot! We had a great time it turns out. Being missionaries they have a message to tell others and of course, we were chosen to have the message told to us! I am a faithful follower of God and Jesus Christ so I found no harm in talking with these men. We talked scripture and religion and past experiences I have had with them and where I am now with my faith. They seemed quite surprised at what my knowledge was of the scriptures and it made for interesting conversation nonetheless! So we got out of there late. When we got home we talked some more and of course, by then it was really late and as a result both of us were really tired today!
We had a weather front come thru today for about 15 min, but it made it's presence known. High winds and pouring rain! The wind was blowing so hard I watched for any trees to come down on the hill, but not a one fell.
To end the day my hubby had to clean out stovepipes in the big room. Stepped in there and about "choked to death" from all the smoke backing into the house! Out into the dark he went to clean the pipes which helped loads!
Well I am gonna go now, past my bedtime!


  1. It seems like you are enjoying life in Montana. I am glad. I hope the holidays are good for you both.


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