Friday Friday La La La...

Good Day,
Starting out on a positive note, set the mood for the day right? After I left yesterday I had some issues with the solar system that I wasn't quite sure how to fix ,hubby at work, there are lots of things I have to figure out on my own. It went something like this, the lights were flickering and they did that about 4 times and I realized there probably was something wrong and went to investigate. Went out and opened the utility door and sure enough the solar system was trying to switch over from batteries to charge and that was causing the surge in power. So I looked it over and found nothing. Went out to the generator which by the way had changed it sound too and looked it over and found it was ok. Looked the plug over (this plugs from generator to the solar system) and it seemed to be fine no loose wires or the like. Turned Generator off , did not want to waste gas. Went back to the solar system and again thought about it , in reality folks was having a conversation with self and yes, answering self..LOL, and something said reset the system which means turn power off then back on. So I did and it worked! Now to go back out and start generator to recharge. Went to start it , pulling and pulling and pulling and pulling and DUH it was in the OFF position!!! ON and it started right up and plugged it in and we charged for a few hours. Had myself a good laugh when telling my husband this story, thank goodness I can really laugh at myself ,sometimes to tears!
After talking with my husband at lunch , we decided that we better get our town errands done as the weather is changing from better to worse. So off we go to Missoula, which for us is a 30 min drive. This is always an adventure as neither of us like going into Missoula. Hate the traffic, pedestrians walk right out in front of you even when the signal says not too, and "everybody owes me" attitude. "Stupidity runs deep" in this town! Anyways, my husband starts in with his negativity right as we enter the town and I am gently reaching over saying its ok luv we won't be here long two stops and were out of here, let's not start with the negativity. He says I know I am sorry but it is hard!! I chuckle to myself and off we go! Goodwill and Walmart....I asked him if he would join me in shopping and he agreed mind you, goodwill 15 min got what I needed for my quilting projects and now WALMART....just needed some paper goods, like aluminum foil, gal bags , freezer paper and needed quilting batting for a few quilts. No problem lets go, batting..check, aluminum foil, freezer paper here...check, dangit ask an assistant and off she goes to find it....not sure we have any ma'am but will go check......whistling.....ok she said sporting goods right...let's go see if we can find her...whistling...hubby is getting impatient....whistling...should we go look for her....or not.....heard a radio something about freezer paper.....yes we have some may be behind the counter in sporting goods if not on we head that direction and there she is freezer paper in hand and hubby saying let's go!! Now for dinner , pizza sounds really good, find PAPA MURPHY's. Neither of us knows where we saw this place so we backtrack the way we came and alas there it is, grab a Chicken Garlic, and homeward we went! Whew! Took us about an hour in Missoula to do the shopping, pretty good for the most part...had worse days! It was so good to be home!!!
It looks like we are gonna have a storm coming through that is suppose to dump up to 9 inches on us!! We shall see if that happens, what I mean is the weather people can't ever get our weather right, to many mountains to predict. For instance, it could be raining in Missoula and dumping here or vise versa. A mile down the highway could be dumping snow and we have sun! Each mountian range has its own weather so we can tell by the satellite images more of what the weather may be but better to look outside and see what it is going to do! I have a feeling it is going to dump tho', the winds are just right and have heard three trains runnin this morning which is unusual before 7 am.
Hope all have a great day!


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