Week has whipped by!

Here it is Saturday evening and I realized I haven't written a thing for a few days. Well let's see what have I done, hmmm, thinking, thinking!! Tom and I dug our cross country skiis and went for a jont up the road. Was really a lot of fun except for the fact that my back is out so I was fighting off the pain of that! It has been out for a bit now and can't seem to keep it in. I keep trying but it keeps going out, hopefully this will end soon! Need to go to the hot springs and loosen up some muscles! Anyway, it was a really beautiful day to go, was a bit sore the next day but not as bad as I thought I would be.
Yesterday I made cookies ,yes cookies. No I didn't overbake them or burn them. Yeah for me! I used to be able to make cookies no problem but come about 25 my cookie days had ended! No reason for it just did! But it seems to be back let's hope it stays! I also baked two loaves of bread and made an elk stew! I know Suzy homemaker but how I do love to cook! I always cook for an army it seems but we have no trouble with leftovers.
Today we had to venture into Missoula and pull some shoes. 5 horses he successfully did!! He is really pleased at his progress and for the most part these horses stood for him really well! He wears his brace so as not to over do it. Then we grabbed some groceries. Safeway was having a sale...yeah.....10 lb bag of potatoes for $.88 normally $3.19 a bag......so we ended up grabbing 60lbs worth. We shared 20 of it with a neighbor friend of ours and are storing the rest. What a deal!! Oh and Tillamook Cheese usually is $7.99 a brick we paid $3.99 a brick so I grabbed two of those! What a deal!!! Gas is now up to $2.93 a gallon in Missoula, although we did see it at two other places for $2.83 and $2.86 all within a mile of each other as the crow flies!
Tonight we had some unexpected company show and decided to invite all three for dinner as it was close to dinner time. So I added to our leftover stew and we had homemade bread and lots of visiting! Was a nice change! Anybody that is ever hungry knows they can come to our house as we seem to always have extras!!
 And it looks like we are going to have a houseguest for the night so they can get up tomorrow and cut couple cords of wood, one for us and one for him!

Well until next time.......


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