A Day of Rest??????

Sunday as some know is my day to really not have anything to demanding ,my designated day of rest! A day to relax , read a book, do fun things like play in the snow and so on, you get the drift! Well today was a little different than my usual Sunday. Tom went out without me to a neighbors place and returned the Manny's(canvas cloth) we still had from hunting couple weeks ago and to deliver some Elk steaks for all the help he showed us.Me I decided to stick around the house and rest a bit. I started by making myself some eggs and sat down at the computer to check out my usual haunts to see what was happening in our world. Decided to watch a little Joyce Meyer and check my emails and such! Lo and behold in my email is my first actual online sale to date......praise the lord ....some of you really know me so you could probably imagine what excitement I had!!! I know to some it sounds silly that this 40 yr old woman would get like a giddy little school girl on her first day at school but I was thrilled! And had inquiries about another project and they were from the Netherlands! So I called Tom to share the news and he to was excited, not as much as me, but he was thrilled! So I jumped up, packaged the item and got it ready for mailing.....off to Ohio it goes. Then I started picking up the Big Room, putting things away and of course, this required cleaning. Sweeping the floors , dusting and organizing things.......so much for relaxing huh! Then we had plans to go off in the afternoon to meet with another neighbor right up the hill. Nice Visit with them, they have sold their place and are in the process of moving so we thought we better get upthere before they leave and say our goodbyes. Another neighbor of ours invited us to dinner. So I put together a food care package for them and off we went to have a meal with them. What a great day we both had and we feel so blessed!!!!! Maybe next Sunday I can get some rest......


  1. This sounds like what a day off should be. Love to both


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