7th of Dec

Can't believe its December already! The Holidays are upon us and I don't have any decorations up of any kind. Not sure I am going to this year we shall see. No tree either not trying to be bah hum bug about it but We are both really busy and it is just another holiday. We don't expect any family to come or friends really so what is the point! Anyways, the cabin is so full when it comes to winter time...with all the food storage that has to be in the house amongst other things. The temps have been around and under 0 lately and if you leave cans of things outside like foam sealant or soapy water it freezes, so it lives in the cabin in the winter.
We have had vehicle issues lately, both trucks had no power due to bad batteries so yesterday my hubby picked up a couple batteries at Les Schwab and can't believe the prices....$100 a piece!! with a $5 core charge. Holy Moly! But it is nice to have the both of them up and running again never know when you will need them. The little subaru is running fantastic.....hard to kill a subaru!
Suppose to snow starting tomorrow for a few days anyway. It is nice having the snow maybe we will get enough moisture this year to keep the bugs and the fires to a low roar!
Have been working on a King Quilt in colors of blue ....really do like how it is turning out....it is made out of recycled material of all sorts such as overhauls, flannel wool shirt, jean dress, sheets, scrap material, and anything else I could find. It is turning out like a patchwork quilt ....it is fun...could use more room to lay it out but it will be ok...have made 2 queen quilts so far and believe I can make this one too!
K well will post more later  HAve a great day!


  1. Gorgeous shot of the sun coming over the mountain and glinting off the snow, Mary!!! We just got my car started after three weeks, too! Hmmmm...thinking I need a new battery, too!


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