Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Snow Covered Butte's

Worrying about the cows all night I woke this morning to swollen eyes and bags. My eye has been a little sore the last couple days but it is rearing it's ugly head this morning. I think it is a result of worry and anxiety, I do have these bouts periodically. But I can't really do much for the cows as the waters are so high, we watched thru binoculars yesterday the creek rise and it got the highest we have seen it in a long time. This morning it looks like it is going back down or maybe this is my wishful thinking!!! The guys have headed out to see what the results were from last night and to open up the windmill pasture to let them back in for feed. We did see a bit of snow and the temps did drop some last night and the wind blew but woke to wet ground and a little bit of ice on the porch. The butte's are covered in snow this morning it sure is pretty to look at.

Looking at the butte's on the South Dakota Side

For our lunch/dinner yesterday I made "Dip". So not healthy for ya but out here you make due with what you got. Anyhow, I took a big block of Velveeta I have had in the pantry I think since last summer, normally I don't buy such things but bought it anyhow for such an occasion as this. Melted it in a big bowl in the microwave while I was cooking the meat mix to add to it which was couple lbs of burger, onion, can of black beans, drained, rinsed and a jar of home made salsa. Add all of the above together, Viola' you have "Dip"!!!

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