Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leftover Turkey Soup Day

Today I took the turkey carcass, leftover gravy and drippings from yesterday, along with some water  and boiled it gingerly to make a broth that I could use for soup. After boiling for about an hour on the stove, I removed all bones and left all available meat scraps in broth. Poured the broth into the crockpot for its day of cooking. I then added some veggies and more meat from last night. Later I will add noodles and seasonings to complete this soup.
Suggestions are as follows:
*If you want this soup right away, cook your veggies and noodles in micro first then add to soup.
*This broth can be made the night before so you can turn the crock on before you leave for work and add noodles when you return. If you add noodles early in the day they tend to get mushy as the day goes on.
*Another idea is you can add rice which you can do before you leave in the morning, no need to add more water to your broth.
*Any kind of veggie works for this type of soup, great for after Thanksgiving supper if you made Turkey.
*Can use any kind of bird for this soup as well.
**I have in the past used my Thanksgiving leftovers (i.e. gravy, potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cran sauce, etc.) to add to the soup...this truly is a yummy dish! And you will find that there will be no leftovers for hungry eaters!**
Boiling Carcass

Finished Broth

Prepared and Bagged Veggies From Store

As you can see I added a little leftover sweet potato and tomato


  1. I bet this was really yummy!

    M :)

    1. It really was...FIL and Hubby bout cleaned it up....thank you for coming!


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