Saturday, October 12, 2013

Comfort Food, Flooding, And a Drive!

Mary's Biscuits & Gravy --

First things first, have to get the biscuits ready and this morning I decided I wanted the drop biscuits as I was feeling quite lazy. Do you remember the recipe for Basic Quick Bread from the other day? This is the one to use except that you will drop big blobs of dough in the pan like big sloppy biscuits or very thick cookies. Make sure you drop in a greased pan and in an 350* oven and Bake until your knife comes out clean when you poke them probably about 20 mins, and a little brown on top looks nice too!

Now to make the Gravy:: Start with a couple healthy dollops of leftover bacon grease (I save my meat  grease and if I get to many jars going I freeze them for later)

Heat the grease up until it is clear

Add about 1 1/2 C. of flour--the idea is the flour will soak up the grease until it becomes kind of like a
Roux/Rue (click on Rue for meaning)


Add your seasonings now

Now add your milk..honestly I couldn't tell ya how much it all goes according to look

You have to wait for the milk to heat up but keep stirring it up so it doesn't stick and you work the lumps out

As it heats it thickens so you may need to add more milk if I had to venture to say well probably about 4-5 cups of milk was added....this made about a half a pan of gravy

When I can tell its done is when I can run the whisk thru gravy with ease and it leaves this kind of pattern in it...not to thick not to runny....Practice makes Perfect!!

Guaranteed to satisfy anybody's appetite!!!

After a great breakfast, the guys decided to work on their leather projects, Dad on his leather coat (Rendezvous Style) and Tom on his saddle he is making special for Shamu the horse.
Dad's Project--As you can see there is still some to finish

Hubby's Saddle- He took an old saddle and re-hided it with rawhide and put all new leather work on it

Then about late morning we decided to go see what we could see as the Ranch looks like one big waterhole due to about 5" of rain in three days, so this is what we found.....
Most of this is field under water over in the trees in the distance is a small creek usually dry

Cows are scattered every place that they could find high ground

Even the birds were looking for high ground!!

This is field under there

This is part of the 8 miles of our drive out to the main gravel road

If you look real hard our house is up in the distance this is not normally under water

So we made it out of the drive and about 1/4 mile to the North of the end of our drive is the Historic Capitol Lutheran Church in Montana. They just recently applied to be officially Historic and had to make some changes such as the basement. It wasn't handicap accessible so they had to build a new one then will add access for the disabled to the building itself from the looks of things. Really neat church.

Drove around some more and ended up in Camp Crook, SD at Over The Edge Bar & Grill had some lunch and returned home. Quite the day!

Copyright © 2013 M.E. Masterson All Photographs Copyright © 2013 M.E. Masterson


  1. I just make drop biscuits to go with our dinner one night. Breakfast for dinner is an easy meal.

    The ponds AND fields are full. I always like rain but less at a time.

    Beautiful place.

  2. Goodness, I hope the water levels drop soon for you!
    Those biscuits looked yummy.

    M : )

  3. Me too Melinda! We really don't want to be stuck here for the winter....wanna get to our house in Missouri.


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