Locked Out!

For those who are not familiar, this is a truck key. I know,  right? Weird looking key.  The bottom of this slides into a port in the truck to start it. It has a key that slides inside this fob.

Cannot start the truck without the fob but the key can be used to open the driver door. This is the only unit we own for this truck!
Fast forward to last evening, Mountain Man comes home from second day of training. He hits the unlock buttons on the truck, gets out and BAM...LOCKED OUT!!

Got a hold of a neighbor to help. He had a "slim jim". Let's just say neither of us could successfully break into a car! Ha Ha! We called another neighbor who directed us to another who is a locksmith. He lives just a couple miles down the road. He got it open in just a couple minutes! Whew!
2 1/2 hours later we have the key in hand again.
Lesson learned: Take key out of truck when exiting!!
I am on a mission to find a spare.....for both our rigs. I understand it is costly but less than a busted window for sure!
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