Another NEW Journey

This last week has been a roller coaster of a ride!
Mountain Man tried out for his "hopefully", forever job. The Superfund EPA clean up has come to town. Those within a 30 mile radius of the county seat could apply for a position. Originally, there was 15 positions open then it quickly moved up to 25. This county is in desperate need of good jobs! So, Mountain Man gave it a shot!
91 applicants attended the first meets. 60 showed up for the "weeding out" meet. That meet was intense exercise, mind bender tests and brief interviews. All the while, three companies, EPA, ER LLC, SKEO, had their folks scanning for candidates. He had fun! Lots of good folks, ages 19-70!
Last night(Thurs), he had to call at a prescribed time to see if he was accepted. He got ACCEPTED!!!!
We are over the moon excited! We prayed and prayed that God would direct us to where he wanted us to go. He put Mountain Man in the county job for temporary, we believe. So, he would be home to apply for a good paying job that would allow him to be home more. His previous job, before the county, took him away 6 mos. out of a year. Great money but he could not take me with him.
This job will have times like that periodically, maybe, but I will get to see my husband on a daily basis. And if he has to travel, depending on where he goes in the future, he could take me along. Will cross that bridge if and when we have too.
It was a gut wrenching wait but well worth it!
All thanks go to our heavenly father!
Excerpt from our local paper "Democrat News"-

A final release agreement between the county and Wastren Advantage, Inc., the company contracted to clean up lead contamination in residential sites was signed. Their last day was Oct. 4, 2017. Cleanup work will continue with Environmental Restoration, LLC from St. Louis. Approximately 3 million square feet of lead contaminated soil will be removed, replaced with non-contaminated soil and seeded in residential properties in the county.
Added note....The companies tell us that there is enough clean up around here for 3 yrs. Last time they did clean up, it took 5 yrs. EPA changed their guidelines so they have to go back over the ground previously done for a cleaner ground. One way to leave a legacy!!
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  1. Oh, Mary...I am so very happy for you and Mtn. Man!! Tell him 'Congratulations' for me. God truly has a way of blessing us when we follow His path for us.


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