Monday Ramblings

Well, the crud has hit this house again! Dangit if I didn't get it now. Mtn Man has been fighting this crud for almost two weeks. Sinuses fill up and then drain off like a flood, scratchy throat, itchy ears and a little bit of a cough. Ick!
I am going to try to head it off using essential oils and natural concoctions. I am not one to go off to the dr. for every little thing! In fact, you would probably say, heck she never goes unless she can't breathe or is bleeding uncontrollably. I would say, you are correct! Dr. would go broke if I was his only patient. ha ha!
Despite what my head is telling me, my will is saying to heck with this crud we have things to do. So, off to do chores this morning. let the chickies out, feed and water. then walk over to the pasture to remove the horse blanket for the day.
Later in the morning, Mtn Man called to let me know that the log truck driver is coming by with a load of logs.
Which means P-Nut and I needed to move some critters back to the other pasture. She did real good!!
Gates are open, we are ready for delivery!
Bought a spiral ham yesterday. Put it on the grill and heated it up. When it was done, split it up into sandwich makings for Mtn Man. 7wks worth and a supper for tonight! All for less than $20!!!!
Yesterday, a client came by with his spanish chairs he wants to have refinished. These chairs are neat!
The leather attaches to the back and the bottom of the seat. Mtn Man has to forge some additional tacks for the project.

We understand these chairs have been in this family for decades. I love saving heirlooms!!
What is my current project? Well, as usual, I have many. Today it has started raining so I am working on this bead project...

Have a great day.
Pray these storms don't get too crazy for us tonight! winds are picking up.....

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