Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Pork Ribs

I made these ribs yesterday and boy howdy did they taste so yummy!!! I have one word for ya "heavenly". These are not for the ones who don't like spicey in their lives! These are a perfect mix between sweet and spicy. The glaze on the outside is gooey and the ribs were juicy!
Ok now for the recipe.....1/2 rack beef or pork ribs don't matter(I did both)
Sweet/Spicy Rub...2 handfuls(good ones probably about a cup or cup and half) of brown sugar, 2-3 heaping tablespoons of pepper flakes, 1 tbls of black pepper, 2 tbls of paprika...mix well together
rinse your ribs well then coat your ribs with rub( if you like for less mess do this in a gallon plastic bag)
I don't have rib racks or pans to do them in so I used my racks in my oven( be prepared for clean up)...I covered the BOTTOM one with aluminum foil to catch drippings then took top rack and cleaned it real well. Turn oven on broil (500*)
After coating the ribs with "Rub" I placed the ribs directly on the rack( the idea is letting the air circulate around your ribs so no aluminum foil on this rack), if you have a lot then have to do this in two shifts, under the broiler for 5 mins each side (don't do longer will burn your beautiful glaze). After you get this done to all your ribs, turn your oven down to 325* and place all ribs on your racks if you have to many put some on the second rack too. Yes on top of the aluminum foil! These need to cook for about 2 hrs this way...keep watch on them you don't want them to burn. Let cool for a few and devour! Enjoy!!

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