Saturday, January 24, 2015

Breakfast Out & Work Day

 Breakfast At The Bistro

Mtn Man took me out for breakfast at our local restaurant. Very good food! If you find yourself in the area of Marquand be sure to stop and have a bite!! 

The shop progression over the last few days is amazing! It has taken on a whole nother look! Thank you DS our "Human Monkey" and FIL for all your help on this project thus far!
I catch Mtn Man looking out the window peering at his shop. I think he is a bit excited about his over size dog house! LOL! Man Cave! LOL! Whatever you want to call it...his dream come true! Maybe now he will be able to find his tools when he needs them instead of "honey do you know where I put ....?" LOL! You could say I am excited too!
Within 2 wks we will have the trusses and then they can lay the roofing. In the meantime, we will cut the siding on the mill out of pine so it is ready. Finish up a couple outside projects like the barn salvage job across the field from our place and cutting up logs into usable lumber for a neighbor. And get the "bats" done for the goat shed so I can finish it finally!
Ok without further wait here are the pics.....




We have been very thankful for the nice weather to get this far!

A row of plastic on the top will finish this job until the roof is applied. Thanks again guys!

Off to the mill we go to cut up some lumber.... Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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