Thursday, September 4, 2014

Muffin Blunders

Woke to cool temps this morning which was a welcome change to the blasted heat and humidity we have had as of late. It looks like our temps will be dropping after today with highs in the 70's and lows in the 50's. Happy Dance!!!
Before I forget I planted another row of beets today.... the last of my package will have to buy more for next season. Mtn Man rototilled it all up and weed eated the edges. It looks fabulous!

For breakfast this morning I wanted something different so I decided to make this breakfast muffin I saw around the internet. Pancake muffins was the choice so off this one site called just said use pancake mix (I used my baking mix found on my recipe link tab) and bake 425* for 8 mins and they should have a bowl affect when they bake so you can fill them with syrup or jam etc. Well I tried with and without egg and no bowl effect so then I decided well maybe I would  bake half the time and add jam on top and finish baking. Here were my results:
With egg in batter and a bit of brown sugar on top. Maple syrup from a neighbor down the road to dunk in.

with out eggs

black berry jam added
The recipe I was looking for I found at and maybe tomorrow morning will try to make them. It sounds more realistic in the bowl form muffin. Go there and you will see what I mean from the picture. Yummy! 
Happy Birthday to my Favorite Father In Law! Wait until you see what I am bringing for dessert!!! 
Will share the recipe for that tomorrow on my recipe tab.
Ok I am outta here....
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