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 I am stepping out in faith. See, I am proud to be a quilter. I love putting fabric together and making something beautiful. It is not Perfect but it does the job that it is intended for.
Double wedding 2017 for clients

Quilts bring comfort, warmth and joy to some. I can put the pieces together and pretty soon, out comes this quilt that one can admire.
I have done the difficult to the easy!
This one had the pieces already done...client brought this too me to finish for her.
The ones I truly enjoy, are the memory quilts. T-shirt quilts or memorabilia is kind of cool to put all the pieces together to get a wall hanging or a full quilt. This one I did in 2011.....just getting going then.
Client sent me boxes of t-shirts, sweatshirts and scarves to make this huge king size quilt
Handsewn by me out of my kids clothes that I had left!
This one above is my therapy quilt I made over a November month way back when. Lots of tears, blood and sweat making that one. Flooded with memories this handsewn quilt will forever be special to me!

I have used blue jeans for quilts. Think memory quilt with dad's ol' jeans! Back in 2008, 09, 10, 11, etc...My patterns were simple. I called them "Granny squares". Add one to another to another and out comes a quilt!

Multi-Colored Jeans and backed with another bed spread cover

the nautical come from a baby crib skirting then I backed this with faux sheep material
Veteran's quilt made with recycled jeans & material. Appliqued stars and a recycled sheet to finish off the backing

Then I have used and still do....recycled material which is cheap as far as costs go!
I go to our local Goodwill or Salvation Army or Thrift shop for my material. Anywhere from sheets, blankets, old quilts, curtains, tablecloths, shirts, pants..really anything that I think I can work with. Saves on batting and fabric!!
I have made 30-40 quilts using recycled material.

This bedspread had wool, sheets, cotton fabric
Made quilted pillow cases to match

Backed it with a "cover" that was used for those feather comforters-recycled!

Called this one the "sexy" quilt due to color and the feel of all that soft material (shirts, skirts and curtains)

After joining the quilt guild, I have branched out to try other patterns. I have broadened my "horizon's", one could say!
I do use New fabric, too. This last quilt I finshed this week, my client picked out all the material she wanted and then let me loose to create a quilt. Here is what I came up with for the birthday boy turning 2..

From Baby, Lap To King!
My prices are reasonable...$75 minimum to start.
Each quilt comes with a embroidered label of your choosing.
Very easy to work with, I am in contact with you through the whole process via email, shared photos through the entire process.

Used 5" Charm Squares and recycled brown material

Client brought material for this lap quilt

Embroidered butterflies

Used 5" charm squares for the blocks and recycled material for the blue and brown

Thank you, Mary Masterson
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