Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Day of Firsts

The chickies were let out today. They left their hut slowly. Some flew, some crept, others waited to see what the others were finding on the ground before they left. It is always fun to watch their first time out of the hut!


They loved being out today in the sunshine chasing bugs!! The big ol' hens were shut out of the pen today so they would not pester the littles.
I am still figuring out their breeds and it will be a bit before I figure out the sex. I know I have one roo in there because he is already crowing like a roo!

The other firsts we had today was Mountain Man's first ride on the beauties!

Picked them up over the weekend! Tonka the Paint and April the Walker. Both are broke and very nice personalities! We had an overall good day!

Copyright © 2018 M.E. Masterson All Photographs Copyright © 2018 M.E. Masterson

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