New 'Old' Road

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3/4 of a mile was built up with river rock...I think like 165 loads were dumped. Then what they call 'White gravel' (3/4 minus) was laid on top for the whole mile. Not sure of that count. It is so nice!
The wet weather showed up right after so it is a little soft in spots. When the sunny days will set up like concrete! Wahoo!!
In total they brought the road up about 14".....we had to move our gate up the pole. Or we would have no gate!! Ha Ha
This cut out is the new road up to our sawmill and upper pasture access. It needs lots more work and gravel. We really like having this access. It cuts down on having to pass through two gates to get to the same spot.

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  1. Pretty amazing job on the road. But they sure do make it easier to get where you need to go!


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