Look What Blew In

 Yesterday it was 62 degrees out! I was wearing a t-shirt...Today no way Jose'!
It is blowin' snow and icy icy! Temps around the 14 mark! The poor critters are bawlin' that it is cold! Like I have a way to fix it for them...poor babies! It does make for a cold day here at Ozark Serenity Acres.
Goaty Goat was up in the hay again....getting his warmth on, this morning. I would imagine he will spend a lot of time up there today. The blowing wind cuts right through you for sure....he can stay warm all bundled up in the hay with his buddies warmth helping him out!
The "Wise Ones" said this blowing snow was supposed to be East of the Mississippi(I find myself singing this tune when I write MS out..HA HA). I do believe these folks got it wrong!!
God had a different idea for sure!
Well, I am warming up the tractor. I have to take hay to my horses down below. They munched on a bale last night and obliterated it!  They need to keep their heat up so off I go....

Maybe I need to talk to hubby about getting a cab for this tractor? It is going to be a cold mile long ride! (one-way)...Brrrrrrrrr

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  1. Cheer up! Spring is only 48 days away. By the calendar, anyway!
    I wonder if they make heated seats for tractors like they do for cars.

    1. The upside is this weather cuts down on the bugs!!
      Come on Spring!!
      I will have to check I to heated tractor seat...lol!
      Thanks for stoppin by Vicki!

    2. Holy cow what a difference a day makes!


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